Spirit Wolf Dolls!


One of my biggest issues ( or perhaps an undisciplined blessing in disguise) is the way my mind tends to become flooded with new ideas as I’m working on a current project. Like some spoiled, demanding child ….or puppy, these new ideas seem to tug at me until I leave my current project and focus on them. In most cases, this leads to me getting NOTHING done. Well, this is what has happen upon discovering something called ‘Spirit Dolls.


‘Spirit Wolf Doll.’ Traditional ‘Spirit Dolls’ are human in form. I decided to go against the grain, and make mine wolf-like. Like all ‘spirit dolls’ mine too will be comprise of natural materials; feathers, herbs, sticks, bone & stones, collected from nature when possible.

img_0615Here I’ve placed the material loosely together in order to get an idea of where I’m going with this project. I’m not following a pattern, which means I’m putting this together off the top of my head. I’ve added a bit of green paint the wolf head. The body will be terracotta. I’m going for a crude organic look.

Another angle of what I have so far. I think the addition of the green paint lends to a more believable patina. img_0616

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starting point.(3)

O.K., for some reason this guy is my favorite out of the three. I have chosen him to complete. This will be a learning/practice experience for me – one that will hopefully expose my strengths and weakness in doll making, and also, one from which a lot will be learned. So, with that said, let the journey begin!!!!!img_0611

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starting point.(2)

I’ve always been a creative person from childhood, possessing a super powered imagination and a natural talent/ ability for drawing and sculpting…free-handed. However, I haven’t done it in years. I see I’m a bit ‘rusty’.  My ultimate plan- thus far, is to put theses together in a similar fashion that’s used for BJDs. I made these ( heads) as hollowed out face plates, to which  head caps (with ears) will be attached. This bad~boy will clearly need some sanding and reshaping and lower jaw attachment.img_0610

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starting point.

img_0608Well, after spending countless hours, which became days, that lead into weeks, which in turn became months, I’ve have finally decided to stop “thinking,” and simply, “do.” That is to say, put actions to my thoughts. So here I begin with a few ‘wolfy-heads,’ I’ve started, mainly to just to get a “feel” for the clay.

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